Main Promise of This Product

Is your hair damaged, dull, opaque, broken, or elastic? With just one application, you'll notice a huge difference in your hair. Our S.O.S. Ampoule brings your hair back to life immediately! This SOS treatment strengthens the fiber by repairing, strengthening, and nourishing it. The product must be mixed with water in front of the client for the "magic" to happen, enhancing the client's experience and minimizing waste by preparing only the amount needed for the specific type and length of hair.

The Science behind:

Its composition contains a combination of noble oils such as Ojon, Argan and Macadamia, rich in essential amino acids. Intracellular cement that recovers the mass lost by the hair as a result of chemical procedures, especially bleaching. It also helps protect blonde hair during chemical procedures when mixed with progressive brushing, botox, etc.

What is the ideal use of your product?

For professional use, to prepare damaged hair, restoring lost mass, for the subsequent application of any chemical, dilute 5 ml of Dr. Therapy SOS ampoule in 25 ml of warm water, little by little, in a non-metallic container and mix until it forms a viscous, smooth cream. Apply to damp hair and leave in for about 8 minutes. Rinse with running water. Do not use conditioner and finish as usual. For home use, to recover lost hair mass and treat damaged hair, proceed in the same way as described above.

How is your product used?

In a container, dilute 5 ml of Dr. Therapy SOS Instant Reconstructor ampoule in 25 ml of warm water, stirring gently until it forms a viscous, smooth cream. After washing your hair with Dr. Therapy Nutrition shampoo, apply Dr. Therapy SOS Instant Reconstructor ampoule strand by strand to your hair, rinse so that it spreads throughout the hair, leave on for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Do not use conditioner and finish as usual.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand by the quality of our products. If they do not meet your expectations, we will refund your money. You have up to 60 days after delivery to return the product. If you are not satisfied, we will provide a 100% refund.


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Common questions

Yes, ideal for use on bleached hair.
Yes, designed for reconstructing damaged hair.
Yes, it can be combined with other FGZ Cosmeitics products to enhance the action.
Yes, there are no restrictions.
Yes, seal with the cap itself and use when needed.